• « Nico Wayne Toussaint is a superb blues harp player. Warm tone, wide emotional range, skillful phrasing and dynamic control coupled with heartfelt vocals make a formidable package. Nico exemplifies wonderfully the spirit of his true inspiration James Cotton. »David Maxwell
  • « Nico has the fat harmonica tone and energy and presence that all players strive for !!!! »R.J. mischo
  • « Nico has some impressively deep chops on that harp ! Nico also is blessed with thick tone, the kind that every harp player desires but few find. »Nick Moss
  • « Nico plays and sings with a forceful enthousiasm that is very entertaining. I have watched him grow as an artist over the years. At this rate, he is sure to become one of Europe 's best blues artist. »Billy Branch


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